Friday, July 10, 2009

So it's been awhile...

Not much has been going on lately... My trainer at work has left and had her baby (a boy). Things have been going ok at work... Besides someone stealing my lunch... yes, someone took my lunch! Who does that?! They took my sandwich, which had my name on it, and left the yogurt, which also had my name on it! I left a note on the fridge saying that someone owes me lunch! So now I no longer put my lunch in the break room fridge and i put it in a small fridge on the 3rd floor. So far my lunch has been safe there!

Our Residency still hasn't gone though... I guess what my US Dr wrote wasn't good enough... I'm not sure what he wrote because I didn't open the envelope... maybe I should have! So I'll be seeing a Dr here on Monday the 13th (it's going to hurt to pay them) and hopefully everything will be good! My whole medical issue is the only thing that is hold us up. I don't think that we will get denied because of it... but man this is taking soooo long! I mean it's been over a year since we stared this whole immigration process and it's STILL not done! We have hit every speed bump there! It's getting really frustrating! Hopefully in another month or 2 we will know what our fate is!

Brandon is still looking for work, and in the mean time has written a screenplay! It's really good! I'm so proud of him! But, for some reason he's not having any luck getting work though... which is silly! I think it's the fact that we don't have Residency and the economy slowing here is the reason. With it slowing down here people are looking to hire native Kiwi's or people with residency. Hopefully he gets something soon so he doesn't go insane!

We went to a church the other week and it's was pretty cool. The music pastor came up to us before hand and introduced himself... and he's an American!! The service was really nice and there are people from all over the world there! Another couple intoduced themselves a little later and the guy is a Kiwi and the girl is from the US as well! We didn't go last week because we didn't feel good but I think that we will go again tomorrow... Hopefully it doesn't rain!

And on to the weather... It SUCKS! It's sooo cold here! Even in the house! I've learned to layer! luckily i work 10 minutes away so I don't get too drenched in the rain!

Anywho... that's all that I can think of at the moment... I'm starving so I must eat breakfast!

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