Thursday, May 7, 2009

Some good news, a little bad, and some more issues!

~ Welp... I've got myself a job! After applying to over 50 jobs on Seek and having only 3 interviews (two with temp agencies). I'll be working for Victoria Uni (They don't say University here) as an accounts coordinator! Basically I'll be making sure that money comes in and out. It's also only a 5 minute walk from the apartment...literally! For the interview I left the house at noon, an hour early just in case... and I arrived at 12:05... :-/So that will be my home away from home for the next 7 months. I'll be filling in for a lady that will be taking her maternity leave. She will be training me for a month and then she will be off! Yes... she really will have 6 months off! Not something you would see in the US! I start working on May 18th and will finish December 23rd. We should have our residency by then and hopefully something else will open up and I can keep working there.

~ Brandon is still looking for work, but I have a feeling that he will be getting something soon though! I think it's been hard for us since we don't have our Residency just yet. Employers want to give jobs to Kiwi's and not someone just here in a work visa like us.

~ We're ALMOST there with our Residency! Our Case Officer has asked for more proof of our relationship and a marriage license isn't enough. We sent him PDF's of our bank statements (which is the same thing you would get in the mail), and they can't accept them... So we got on the phone and started with the lovely international phone calls... dreading that bill! So after about 30 minutes of trying to get them to send us the statments here in NZ, we got nowhere! Because the NZ address isn't what they have on file they can't send them to us here. So we tried to change the address... welp because it's an over seas address we have to go into a branch...
So our US bank told us that they will send them out to the address on file and since we've had our mail forwarded to my parents it should arrive there.... Once my parents get them, they will send it to us and the we will send them to London along with some other things we found... I just tried to change the address online and ordered some statements so hopefully that will work because my parents should have already received the ones they said they would send...

~ We had a leaky window problem that seems to be fixed now... again... SOO glad we have a great landlord!

~ Oh! We got our shipment!! WOO!! Everything that we packed up in the US arived safe and sound! Nothing broke! We had about 22 boxes that we shipped over... once we opened everything up and got it all put away... we wondered 'what did we bring?!' , 'that's all we brought?' and 'we should have brought more things!'. The one thing we wish we brought other than furniture was our kitchen stuff! Having to buy new dishes, pots and pans...ugh! It's a pain! but we have what we need now and we love our place!

Welp it's time to feed!


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